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This is a beautiful world.God bless us everyone.
I fell in love♥Happy Sabbath!

I fell in love♥Happy Sabbath!

My favourite Sports Figure-CP3

Christopher Emmanuel Paul (born May 6, 1985) is an American  professional  basketball player who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA.His number is 3.

Christ Paul was born and raised in North Carolina.Despite only playing two varsity basketball seasons in high school, he was a Mcdonald’s American and accepted a scholarship with nearby Wake Forest University.He has been in NBA for 7 years since 2005 when he was selected to the New Orleans Hornets.

Christ Paul is my favourite sports star. He is CP3 which was given by the world and was written in dictionary means beyond fact.Because he is only 183cm but truly good at playing basketball.What’s more he is a good husband and a good father.CP3 really push me a lot. I love him!!!!!!!!!!!My favourite star CP3

Tourists swim in Venice square as heavy rain pounds Italy

Tourists sit in St. Mark Square during a period of seasonal high water in Venice October 27, 2012. The water level in the canal city rose to 127 cm (50 inches) above the normal level, according to the monitoring institute.

Nearly three quarters of Venice was flooded on Monday and tourists swam in St Mark’s Square as a wave of bad weather swept through northern and central Italy, forcing the evacuation of 200 people from their homes in Tuscany.

Shops, homes and historic palaces filled with water in Venice and authorities said 70 percent of the lagoon city was flooded.

High water in Venice reached 149 cm (5ft), the sixth highest level since records began in 1872, forcing residents to wade through waist-deep water. Tourists in swimming costumes sat at cafe tables under the water. It is so fun that people face the heavy rain. I thank god that the disaster is not so serious. Hope all people in the world can stay peace.

US election: Most countries want to see Barack Obama re-elected

A lot of people surport and love him  

  Most countries would prefer to see Barack Obama re-elected as President rather than Mitt Romney, a global poll has found.The poll of 21,797 people was conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA between July 3 and September 3, this year.The study, conducted on behalf of the BBC World Service, found that Mr Obama is seen as a stronger candidate by people in 20 of the 21 countries surveyed.On average, 50 percent of those questioned said they would prefer to see Mr Obama win the 2012 ticket, compared to just nine percent who prefer Mr Romney.

My savior My god

Welcome to our church.삼육대학교안 미래관에 매 토요일 10 시. Just come you are always welcome.You must gain good thing.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now. This is a song which is about dream and attempt. Everyone has dreams, but many people betrayed their dreams and lead an unhappy life. Eminem is my favourite rapper, he is a real star not only belong to the TV, he is a star to his friends and families, he has been trying hard a lot which really inspired us stan(who love Eminem a lot). I have been loving him for more than 10 years since I was a pupil. Eminem had big dreams and he insisted then succeeded which looks simple but it is inspiring. I know Eminem is not a perfect man who flings abuses but not always, he has a lot of positive songs like Beautiful, Lose yourself, lighter,Mocking Bird, Stan and so on. Of course this song is positive too. I love this MV not only because it’s Eminem’s song but also because of the lyrics and the spirit. You have dreams, go on fighting to relize the DREAM.

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A happy day is my favourite song. From this movie I knew the song. Sister is a comic movie but I swepted tears every time when I watch it. It is about dream, dream is so bright as Jesus. A happy day, when Jesus come as dream come true.

Beautiful. This song brought me a lot of energy.